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New Year, New Goals... and add some strategic planning to the mix!

When the new year begins, most people decide to set new business goals. Evaluating past experiences in the business and taking action will allow for new opportunities to come.

Businesses should be able to gain an understanding from prior results through evidenced-based data, and from there, modify their business plans and strategies over time.

Often, business plans and strategies are overly rigid and rarely reviewed with minimal space for change, consequently, lacking adaptability.

When put into perspective, the market is constantly changing and will be affected by different factors. Business plans need to be reviewed regularly, in short-term periods, to adjust the strategies in order to adapt to new challenges and be open and allow space for new opportunities. For example, but not limited to:

  • Making a GAP analysis,

  • Evaluate new competitors in the industry,

  • Analyse trends and benchmarks.

New challenges will lead to new opportunities. Businesses need to be flexible enough to modify strategies, thus, reach or surpass the business’ goals.

These are a few of the reasons why businesses with regular and ongoing communication with their business planer and accountants are the ones that lead the market.

Overall, setting up the right goals with a realistic time-frame, flexible strategies, and a positive attitude will naturally lead to success.

Stephanie Iturria.-

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